The hometown museum
Opens every first Sunday in a month except for summer holidays.
Guidances after arrangement    chairman: Mr. Martin Lauber    Telephone: 07257 3100

In first floor:
Room 1 u. 2: ridge pillar house  - the main exhibit is the unique
                    timber frame house itself (built about 1428).

Room 3:  dwell and life about 1900 (in the former living room of the latest dweller).

Room 4:  church, pilgrimage and clubs.

Room 5:  grandmas' kitchen.

Room 6:  agriculture.

In second floor:
Room 7:  prehistory and early history (findings from the ice age and the stone age).

Room 8:  Joss Fritz and his time.   The leader of the pawn was born about 1470 in Untergrombach.

Room 9:  the peasants' war.

Room 10:  storage, not to be viewed.

Room 11.  cigars fabrication, more then 100 years this was a sure job here.

Room 12:  Untergrombach from 1879 till today.