Partnership / Jumelage

Untergrombach / Sainte Marie-aux-Mines

The partnership between Sainte Marie-aux-Mines and Bruchsal- Untergrombach was ceremonial sealed at the 14. of July in 1989.
Our partner town Sainte Marie-aux-Mines lies in Upper Alsace (Haut-Rhin), a region (Département) in north east of the Republik Of France.   The town is well-known for its silver- and minerals mining in former times (from there as well comes the name of the town), the cloth industry, and the recently happening mineral- and fossils wholesale show.

The Alsace (Elsass) in its history has changed altogether six times its national affiliation between Germany and France, not least from there our partnerschip surely gets an exceptional importance.
Capital of the Alsace is Strasbourg (Staßburg).   Official residence of the prefecture  Haut-Rhin is Colmar.

In the early middle age in Alsace they spoke in majority „Elsässisch". The official language today naturally is french, this is why Elsässisch, as a minority language, is more and more supplanted. This upper german alemannian dialect is still spoken today by some of the inhabitants of the partner town, but today, however unfortunately more as New High German, but an understanding for Untergombacher, who do not speak french, in our partner town is mostly assured.