Who was  „Joß - Fritz" ?

The leader of the peasants, Joss Fritz was born about the year 1470 in Untergrombach.  As a bargee he got to know the world, he learned to read and write.  After returning home he could not customize himself to the established society at all, in the view of the social and economic problems of the poor country  population (especially of the peasants).

Three times he „raised the tied shoe", that means he instigated insurrections, whose watchwords   were:  „We can't convalesce by the parsons"
First time 1502 in the area of the lofty religious foundation of Speyer,  1513 in Lehen near Freiburg and 1517 in the Alsac (Rosheim) and Black Forest (Kniebis).
The insurrections again and again were blighted by treasons, what took the live of countless involved persons, but Joss Fritz could escape every time.   The last time he might to be seen in the year 1524-25 in the Hegau.

Joss Fritz, xylograph by Albrecht Duerer

The „tied shoe", useable habiliment of the peasants in the middle ages, at that time was an insurrection symbol, especially on flags.  The insurrection attemptions of Joss Fritz are part of the historical evolution, which leaded to the peasants' war in the year 1525.